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Want to know the secret to finding unlimited driving test cancellations? Our service does the hard work for you! Simply sign up, select your preferred test centers and dates, and we'll do the rest. You'll receive text messages as soon as a new suitable driving test cancellation dates becomes available


Step 1

Book Driving Test

Book your driving test with DVSA for £62. If already booked, move to step 2.


Step 2

Sign Up

Register with your name and email address and simply provide your Driving Licence number, Driving Test Reference number or Theory certificate number.


Step 3

Download App

Download and install our free Android or iOS app on your smartphone or tablet.

Now sit back, relax and wait for Driving Test Genie's driving test cancellation system
to find a time and date convenient for you!

Genie Features

By automatically logging on to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) website we check for new available tests.

Frequent Checks

We offer a frequent driving test cancellation service to give you the best chance of finding a test date to suit you.

Unlimited Use

Use our driving test cancellation service as many times as you need to change your driving test until you pass without incurring further costs.

Simple & Quick

Quick & easy sign-up without needing to complete time-consuming forms.

Stay Connected

Receive notifications via SMS.

UK Coverage

Our service covers all UK driving test centres.

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Low Cost

We offer a low cost service for the frequency of checking.

Free Trial

Sign-up now for a free trial of our service.

Ease of Use

Use our service via the website or on any Android or Apple smartphone or tablet.


If we don't find you an earlier driving test cancellation date we guarantee a full, no quibble refund.

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Ready to find your dream driving test cancellation date? Our app makes it easy! With a one-time payment, you'll receive unlimited text messages as soon as a new suitable driving test date becomes available at your preferred test centers. No more searching or waiting - let us do the work for you


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Genie FAQ

Do I need to have a test booked with DVSA before signing up?

Yes in order for us to search for earlier driving test cancellations for you, you must have a future test booked. You should visit DVSA and book a future test paying the correct test fee. You should then use the test reference number to sign up to our service.

What should I do if my test centre has no dates available?

You can book a test at any centre that has availability and then ask us when you have signed up to amend the search criteria to exclude that test centre from the search. We suggest booking a test at least 3 months away in order to ensure plenty of time to find a test at a centre of your choice.

Can you search if my test is on hold?

Yes, we can still search for you in the same way as if you had a date booked, we can also search at an alternative test centre to the on hold test.

How do I add extra test centres?

The search will automatically scan for dates at your booked test centre unless you advise otherwise. We can search on up to 5 test centres and can exclude your currently booked centre. Just email us to let us know your preferences.

How do I add my date preferences?

We don’t set date parameters – you are free to accept or ignore any dates that we may send you and we will continue to keep searching and send more dates regardless.

How do I accept a driving test cancellation when I get a text from you?

You will get driving test cancellations by text message to the mobile you registered with (so please do check it is entered correctly). If you would like to book the date offered, please reply to the text message with the word
Do not put ANYTHING else in the text as the system won’t recognise it and you may miss the chance. Please remember that you only have 10 minutes to respond to the text – DVSA rules are that we can only hold the test for this short time.

Do you offer autobooking?

We no longer offer auto-booking as it caused endless issues with people being booked for tests they could not make. This was made worse in cases where there was no refund available from DVSA for a short-notice test. You will need to reply to the text messages we send as above.

How long will it take to find me a driving test cancellation?

Many test centres are fully booked for the 24 week period ahead so we cannot give a definitive answer – it will depend on many variables including the availability at that test centre and the number of people also looking. What we do is search throughout DVSA’s operational hours from 6am to 11.40pm 7 days a week so are in a good position to offer any cancellations we find. Some will be offered a test date on sign up others may be waiting days, weeks or longer. The more test centres and date range you provide will give greater opportunity to find a date.

How many times can I change my driving test?

The DVSA allows you to change your test up to 6 times currently. After this you will need to cancel and rebook your test if you require further changes to be made.

I have an extended driving test booked, can you help me?

The extended driving test is longer than a regular test and as such these tests cannot be searched for through the DVSA online booking service so unfortunately our service cannot help with these tests – you will need to liaise with DVSA directly to change your test date.

How many dates will you send me?

We will continue searching for earlier dates for you right up until the date that no further changes are allowed (currently 3 full working days). There is no limit to how many dates we will send you and even if you accept one or more cancellations we will continue the search for you. If you are happy with a date please let us know and we can pause the search for you.

What happens if I don’t accept a date offered?

You will continue to receive notifications from us – you are under no obligation to accept a date offered, the search will continue for you right up until the last date to make changes. At the moment that is 3 days before your test date.

Why do some texts say this test cannot be cancelled?

If a date is offered with less than 3 full working days, then DVSA will not allow any changes to be made. If you accept a date that advises this test cannot be cancelled, please do check dates carefully before replying book. If you later discover you cannot attend you will have lost your test fee.

What happens if I cannot attend a test I have booked?

This happens quite often if you accept a date without checking with your instructor, or find out you have exams or other commitments, you can simply visit DVSA and change the date manually. Just let us know if you do this so we can ensure the account is updated correctly. The search can then continue with the new test details.

What happens if I fail my test?

Our service covers you until you pass your driving test no matter how many attempts you take. If you fail, please rebook your test and let us have the new test reference number and we can restart the search for you. Currently DVSA will not allow a test to be resat within 10 days of being unsuccessful but the search can commence immediately.

What happens if I cancel my test?

Without a future test date booked we cannot search for you. The service will stop automatically until you advise us that you have booked a new test and provide us with the new reference number.

What happens if you don’t find me a date?

Finding cancellations is random and unpredictable – someone with a test booked has to cancel it in order to free up a test slot – we have no prior knowledge of when this may happen. We have a 30 day refund policy and are happy to refund after 30 days have passed and we have not offered any earlier dates (subject to your account meeting our Terms of Use which can be found at the bottom of this page).

What if I want to cancel the service?

Our service covers you until you pass your test. We hope you won’t wish to cancel our service but if you do contact us and if your account is eligible for a refund (see Terms of Use) we will issue this and terminate the service.

Can I change my mind and get a refund?

Although the Consumer Contracts Regulations provide a 14 day cooling off period for the customer to change their mind and receive a full refund for most online purchases this does not apply to our service which is exempt from this rule as by purchasing this service you imply you have given your express consent to the service starting immediately and thereby waive the right to cancel in order for the service to start once payment is received.

Can I use other apps at the same time?

We do not advise using multiple services for the simple reason that DVSA does not allow more than one user log-in at a time. If we are searching and you or another service log in then our search is terminated. This can be whilst offering you a test which will then not be able to be booked.

Why is my other app sending me dates?

We search all our uses in a fair and rotational order – no preference is given based on sign up date, test centre choices or how many test attempts you may have had – we have found this to be the most effective way to ensure everyone has an equal chance of being offered dates. However due to the nature of cancellations, tests will not always be found on your search and other cancellation services may find dates for you when they are logging in – that is just how cancellations works – they can appear at anytime and we cannot be logged in waiting for this to happen. DVSA do not allow this or multiple log-ins to the same account.

How do I enter my instructors code to ensure they are not double booked?

You should enter this information on your booking with DVSA and they will not then offer dates and times that your instructor has another test booked. It is always best to check with your instructor before booking a cancellation as they may be unavailable for other reasons.

Are you associated with DVSA?

No, we are not associated or affiliated with the DVSA in any way. You can change your date yourself on their website without using our service.



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